Wild Forest Bank Holiday Fun

  • Event details

  • Begins 24 August at 9:00

  • Ends 26 August at 16:00


Bank Holiday Weekend: How to Live in the Forest like our Ancestors!

This weekend there will be three days of den building, fire making, animal tracking and lots of wild fun while you discover how our ancestors survived in the Forest.

On Saturday and Sunday Alex will be here to teach you how to make a fire, build shelters, track animals, recognise trees and plants and of course how to blend into the background when learning how to move about the Forest without being seen!

Cygvranos, our friendly Celt will be here every day to show you how Celts built their dwellings, how they trained their warriors and to help you make a Celtic Warrior’s memento to take home with you.

Amanda Cox will be in the craft hut on all 3 days making Celtic brooches and Green Man masks