The Friends

            February 2022

This letter is to inform you that, sadly, after so many successful years of supporting The Dean Heritage Museum Trust, The Friends of the Dean Heritage Museum will be wound-up during the next six months.

This has been a difficult decision for the current committee to make.  Below are some of the contributing factors:

  • The number of subscribers has been decreasing since the Dean Heritage Centre introduced their season ticket a number of years ago.
  • Recruiting new subscribers has proved difficult.
  • The role of The Friends has changed, as the museum now has a volunteer coordinator and help is recruited through them.
  • Our long-serving Chairman, Janet Hall, has had to step down due to health concerns and there is no one to replace her, or other crucial members of the committee.
  • The Constitution states that there must be a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary for the Friends to exist; it would be unconstitutional to continue without these key people.

The remaining committee would like to sincerely thank all the subscribers of The Friends for their support over the years, enabling vital funds to be made available throughout the history of the Trust.

For those who wish to continue supporting The Dean Heritage Centre in the future via season ticket or donation, please visit the website:

All personal information of subscribers will be destroyed at the conclusion of this association.

The funds remaining at the close of business will be put towards a sensory garden within the Dean Heritage Centre, including a memorial plaque to celebrate the work and dedication of The Friends of The Dean Heritage Museum Trust.  Thank you all so very much.