Corporate Support

Corporate Support

The Dean Heritage Centre was set up by the Forest of Dean Rotary club who have helped out throughout the past 35 years and continue to do so.

During the Covid Pandemic the museum has had to rely on grant funders for almost all it's income and we are hugely grateful to the following organisations:

NHLF - National Heritage Lottery fund who helped pay our staff and bills with a grant of £20,000

Charities Aid Foundation - who helped us pay our bills with a grant of £7,300

Our Friends Group - have purchased a new cooker for the Cafe and are donating towards new heaters to help reduce our massive electricity bill

Our local public supporters - who have donated one off and regular amounts to help keep their museum in business.

The crisis is not over yet but we're still here and planning for the future. We will still have a deficit and need donations but Thank You to everyone who has helped at this crucial time.


In 2018 we were delighted that the trustees of the Garfield Weston Foundation have chosen to support the Dean Heritage Centre with a substantial core fund grant. This will cover some winter salary costs while we implement the changes from our ACE project. We have also had a lot of support for our core funding while we finish off our ACE project from The Steel Charitable Trust. Huge thanks to both of those organisations.

We have also secured some loan funding from CAF Venturesome to help get Creates Gallery and Coffee Lounge kitted out and off the ground.

In the recent past we have also had grants and donations from:

The provision of the museum and education services plus maintenance of our Grade II listed Mill building would not be possible without the generous support of these organisations, to whom we are very grateful.

Our New Cafe has also had local support from

To whom we owe a big Thank You.


Thank You