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We need your support!

The Dean Heritage Centre relies completely on income from visitors. We are a charity, and receive no government funding.  With not enough income the site will close forever.  If the DHC closes then all the Forest of Dean collections and archive will no longer have a place within the Forest. 


So what does this mean in reality? 

The Camp Mill site will close, and there will be no museum, no café and no Gruffalo Trail anymore.

The two ancient woodland areas and the hilltop Norman fort that we manage will no longer be under our protection.  

The collection of objects that we care for, that represent the precious memories, and stories of the people of the Forest of Dean will be dispersed to other sites, and to private collections.  Or worse, they will simply be thrown away.


So, who cares if Dean Heritage Centre closes?

Who cares about the story of the Forest of Dean and the people who lived here?

  • The inventors, the miners, the foresters and the iron workers?
  • How they lived and worked? Their struggle to make ends meet?
  • Their successes and their triumphs? Their joy and their pain? Their lives?
  • The Wildlife and the environment?
  • The history and heritage of the special sites in our care?


We care, and if you care too then please help us and become a Supporter of DHC

A Supporter cares about the Forest of Dean, and wants to preserve its heritage, wants to know more about the stories of the people who lived and worked here and cares for nature and wildlife.


Ways you can help without visiting:

Make a one off or regular donation. [CLICK HERE]

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The Forest Lottery

The Dean Heritage Centre is a community museum that was founded and supported by local people. We aim to preserve the heritage and stories from this unique area for generations to come. If you love the area with it's wonderful history and people, please consider supporting us, even if you can't visit. 

As a registered charity the centre relies almost entirely on admissions and income generated through fundraising and your gift will enable the Dean Heritage Centre to continue its important work protecting and preserving the very special history and heritage of the Forest of Dean. 

How you can help

Even if you can't visit, you can help the Centre continue to display our unique local history by:

If you would like to help by sending a donation by cheque or direct bank transfer, do contact us by email.  All donations go towards keeping the Dean Heritage Centre and Gage Library open.