Schools at the Dean Heritage Centre

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The Dean Heritage is committed to education for all and life-long learning.

Our collection and local environment provides a rich and engaging resource that can be used to explore and discover the unique history and heritage of the Forest of Dean. Whether your visit is self-directed or part of a planned activity, the team will help you get the most from your visit. We have developed a range of learning opportunities to promote active engagement, understanding, creativity and enjoyment of the area's unique history, flora and fauna from the stone age to the modern age.

Our social history workshops help children discover what life would have been like for Forester's at different times in history and include the Victorian schoolroom, the Forester's cottage, WW1 and WWII workshops. 

If your topic is pre-history then we have a range of workshops to make this part of history come alive for your class. Our facilitators can help students delve through pre-historic rubbish, become a hunter, gatherer and train as a Celtic warrior, see our catalogue for the full programme.

We have our own Anglo- Saxon who can help students gain an understanding of what life as an Anglo-Saxon may have been like. It's a great opportunity to practice blood curdling battle cries!


Nature is all around us so the Dean Heritage Centre is the perfect place for students to get out into the Forest to discover what grows and lives there. The Forest is beautiful and whatever the season there is always something to amaze and inspire your students.

For all educational enquiries please contact Joanne Clarke       01594 822170

If you are a home educator and would like to arrange a visit to the Dean Heritage Centre, please use the email contact above.

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Please contact the Engagement Manager if you are a Forest of Dean School.