Collections at the Dean Heritage Centre


Dean Heritage Centre collections cover archaeology, natural history, geology, industrial history and social history on the Forest of Dean. There are approximately 20,000 items in the collection.


Dean Heritage Centre continues to collect items relevant to the Forest of Dean. If you would like to donate any items, please contact the Collections Officer. The Museum is grateful for donations, but is unable to take everything it is offered due to lack of storage space and a strict collecting policy so please make contact with us before bringing in any objects to avoid a wasted journey.

The Gage Archive

The Gage Archive contains thousands of documents, books, postcards, maps and photographs on the Forest of Dean.

It is open every Wednesday 1pm-4pm for research on family history, local history and a variety of topics on the Forest of Dean. Our friendly team of volunteer historians will be pleased to help anyone with their research. Please note that the Gage archive is not a library that you can browse through but an archive where we bring out items for you.

Please email or phone ahead at least 2 weeks for an appointment. Space is limited and we try to spread appointments so that we have time for all enquirers. Access to the Gage Archive is included in admission to Dean Heritage Centre and season ticket holders, or £5 to only visit the Gage Archive.


Dean Heritage Centre is the designated regional repository for archaeological archives in the Forest of Dean. Dean Heritage Centre also collects amateur archaeological finds and treasure finds.


For any enquiries about the collection, donations, archaeology, object identification, local history and family history please contact Collections Officer Nicola Wynn on 01594 822170 or email

Dean Heritage Centre is an independent charity reliant on admissions and support from our visitors. We would greatly appreciate any donation that you see fit towards the cost of staff time, reproduction or postage in dealing with your enquiry.


Please note that DHC is now only open Thurs to Sun 10-3 

The Gage Archive will not be open to the public on Wednesdays as DHC is not open. The Gage Archive will be closed to the public for the immediate future as staff have reduced working hours and a backlog of work and enquiries to deal with.

Enquiries will continue to be dealt with via email for the time being, but please be prepared to wait a long time for a response as we have much to deal with at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.