Summer Holiday Fun

  • Event details

  • Begins 25 July at 9:00

  • Ends 30 August at 16:00


July 25th & 26th - Forest of Dean Schoolchildren go FREE: If your child attends a primary school in the Forest of Dean they can have free entry to the Centre, just bring something with you to show us what school they go to.

Daily weekday activities will start on Monday July 29th at 11:30

This year our theme is 'Love Our Forest'. Lots of exciting activities are planned including den making, bug hunting, woodland walks, craft using natural materials, making bug houses and finding out about everything that lives in the Forest.

Week 1: Terrific Trees & plants

Explore the Forest & create with nature

Week 2: Forest Dwellers

Discover Forest dwellers of every description on two legs and four.

Week 3: Forest on the Wing

The colourful world of Forest birds, butterflies & dragonflies

Week 4: Forest Bugs

Discover the mini beasts that live in the Forest

Week 5: Save Our Forest

Find out what you can do to help our Forest & everything that lives in it.

Bank Holiday Weekend: How to Live in the Forest like our Ancestors!

3 days of den building, fire making, animal tracking & wild fun!

This weekend there will be lots of activities to help you live wild in the woods like our ancestors. Learn how to make a fire, build a shelter, track animals, recognise trees and plants and of course blend into the background when learning how to move about the Forest without being seen!