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Dean Heritage Centre Museum Offers of gifts and Centre Procedures
The Dean Heritage Centre´s important collection continues to grow as a public resource thanks to the generous offers from individual contributors.

The Centre is always interested to hear more about any object you wish to donate to the Centre but for reasons of security and public accountability, the Centre has a procedure in place to deal with such matters.

Our Collecting Policy
The Centre´s Collection Development Policy here outlines the areas in which the Centre collects and details the items it is not able to accept. The Centre takes into consideration its future resources to conserve, document and store items, so that it can preserve them for the future.

It is also important that the Centre does not duplicate material or accept objects which might be better placed elsewhere.

In view of this, the Centre cannot accept everything that is offered.

Donation Offer Form
If you have items you think the Centre would be interested in, please contact the Centre, using the details below.

Please contact the Centre in advance rather than turning up without an appointment. That way the Centre can make sure there is someone here to talk to you and you will not have a wasted journey as the DHC does not accept all objects offered.

Please do not send objects through the post or leave them at the Centre anonymously.

Please note the Centre does not give valuations of objects and only in exceptional circumstances is the Centre able to purchase objects.

Centre staff cannot usually make an immediate decision about accepting an object. Please complete the Donation Offer Form or email to discuss a potential offer.

Remember to include your contact details and provide as much detail as possible about the object, including any images. The information will be passed on to the Collections Officers for consideration. They will contact you for further information that the Centre may need and tell you more about the procedure the Centre uses in deciding whether to accept your generous offer.

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