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How Aquisitions Are Made

Dean Heritage Centre MuseumUnfortunately the Centre cannot accept all items offered to its collection.

Every potential acquisition needs to fit into the published themes of our Collections Development Policy and is discussed by a special monthly Collections Development Committee to ensure it does so.

Detailed information about the object and a photograph are usually sufficient for the committee to make its decision.

The Centre may be unable to accept an offer for a variety of reasons.

Frequently the Centre already has examples of items offered and would not wish to duplicate these.
Some objects may be more appropriate to another museum, in which case the Centre will try to give you the names and contact details of the museums which may be interested

In other cases the Centre may be unable to accept items which are in very poor condition or which will occupy a large amount of space.

If the Centre decides to accept your object into its collections the Collections Staff will ask you to sign an ‘Object Entry Form’. This form changes the ownership of the object from you to the Centre permanently. This means that you cannot reclaim the object at a later date, although the Centre is happy to arrange appointments with donors so that they can view their donations in the future. Dean Heritage Centre Museum

Where appropriate this form will also deal with the transfer of any copyright you hold in the object, allowing the Centre to use images or copies for a range of purposes including exhibitions, books and the internet.

We have prepared some useful further information about donating an object to the Centre:

How the Dean Heritage Centre Collects Objects: Guidance for Potential Donors